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Episode 32: Beasts are among us

December 4th, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them was recently in theaters, and the movie is fantastic The Krew gives you their review of the movie and how much they enjoyed it. They also have information about the villians in DC's winter event and some information about X-Men RessuXion. We also get back to what you love, comic reviews, as the guys discuss Civil War II, Death of X, and much more, and also give some insight on other topics such as the newest entry in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Tune in and hear your favorite Krew discuss all the stuff you love. 


Episode 31 Part 2: Are you Worthy?

November 30th, 2016

The guys are back with the second half of their amazing episode, where the Krew goes deep into the comic and tv show reviews. Unowrthy Thor's first issue came out. Did we finally find out why he lost his hammer? The Avengers have a new team and we get to experience the beginning of a new era. The Krew then gives you a run down of all your favorite superhero shows. What's going on with detective Gordon, Green Arrown, and the Flash? Tune in for all that and more!


Episode 31 Part 1: A Strange New Friend

November 23rd, 2016

This week, the Krew are joined by a fellow comic lover to discuss the newest Marvel movie, Dr. Strange. Where does this movie rank among the Marvel superhero movies thus far? What are the favortie parts of the moive? After a fun discussion , they move on to a preview of Fantastic Beasts, the latest installement of the wizarding world, created by J.K Rowling. Tune in for one unique adventure. 


Episode 30 Part 2: Comic Talisman

November 15th, 2016

The Krew discusses some of the newest trailers that have been released, including, but not limited to Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Power Rangers. Then, they follow up with some interesting movie and TV news. How have the superhero TV shows been holding up? Don't worry! We'll give you the 411 you need, including highlishts from Luke Cage. The comic world is abuzz with the clone conspiracy and other ongoing comics. Tune in to see how much we enjoy the world of comics!


Episode 30: Negan killed the Jersey Comic Krew

November 8th, 2016

The Krew jumps right into the news that the world must know. X-Men are getting a resurrection, meaning more books and new storylines are coming to us. A new comic book for Dc will be a mix of heroes and villians teaming up in some action. More movie news heading your way, and then jumping into some exciting events happening on your favorite TV show. Who did Negan kill in the season premiere of The Walking Dead? How do we feel about it? What has Barry Allen done in The Flash? Tune in to hear how the Krew handle all the action.  


Jersey Comic Krew Special #3: Switch To NYCC!

November 1st, 2016

Welcome guys to another Jersey Comic Krew special! You wanted more and we're gonna give you more. Kris and Rob break down their experiences in New York Comic Con and let you know how the con impacted them  personally. They got to meet a lot of cool people and talk nerdy to some legends. We then go into our next topic involving Nintendo's groundbreaking Switch console, giving you the 411 on what they think of the new system. Want to hear about this? Just click that play button!


Episode 29 Part II: The Venom Variant Conundrum

October 13th, 2016

This is the second part of our episode, so make sure to check out the previous one. On this episode we discuss the current news in the comic and nerd world. We have a huge reaction to the very rare venom variant that will be released soon. We will see the final Rouge One tailer with the release of Dr. Strange, and also give our opinion on the live-action Lion King movie. The 100th episode of Arrow is coming your way too! Before the Krew sign off, they give you all the necessary 411 about the latest Netflix series to come out; Luke Cage! Hit that play button and enjoy! 


Episode 29 Part I: Superman Heals Our Broken Hearts

October 3rd, 2016

You're about to experience a first the Krew, as we separate our episode into two parts, with each one coming out a couple of days after the first. Let us know what you think if you like the separation more! In this part we discuss the ongoing comics and TV shows, Civil War II having its first all out fight, and our reaction to the ending of issue #5. We see Captain America break our hearts again, Superman and the trinity book help mends our broken hearts, and head to Gotham, where things get very interesting as we see a grownup Ivy, Hugo Strange, and some more badass Gordon. Agents of Shield displays their new director. Does Ghost Rider know what's going on? And Star Wars Rebels kicks off with a bang!


Episode 28: Foiled Again She-Borg! (Skelator Voice)

September 25th, 2016

Winter is coming and that means that our favorite TV shows are back, as the Krew discuss and review Gotham, Agents of Shield, and Lucifer! We also get into some news heading your way, such as She-Hulk taking up the mantle of Hulk. If you love Star Wars then you're in luck as we find out the movies that will continue past 2020. Finally, The Krew does a live review of the Marvel and DC solicitations for December! What's next for the world of comics? How many times did we laugh? Press that play button and lets find out!


Episode 27: Excelsior: The Movie

September 18th, 2016

You guys are in for a special treat, as the Krew gives you updates on what you favorite superhereos are doing in their respective world. What is going on with the uncanny avengers? Why was Aquaman and Superman fighting? What happened with Red Robin? All of your questions will be answered. We also talk about the newest issues of Batman that we thoroughly enjoy and drop some earth shattering news, Daniel Craig's offer to play James Bond again and the offer that nearly broke Rob. Stan Lee is going to make a movie? We talk about that as well as a live action Star Wars TV show that's coming your way. Has there been too much exposure for Star Wars? The Krew discuss this and wonder if they're are too many movies in that universe. Who like Jar Jar Binks?