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Episode 28: Foiled Again She-Borg! (Skelator Voice)

September 25th, 2016

Winter is coming and that means that our favorite TV shows are back, as the Krew discuss and review Gotham, Agents of Shield, and Lucifer! We also get into some news heading your way, such as She-Hulk taking up the mantle of Hulk. If you love Star Wars then you're in luck as we find out the movies that will continue past 2020. Finally, The Krew does a live review of the Marvel and DC solicitations for December! What's next for the world of comics? How many times did we laugh? Press that play button and lets find out!


Episode 27: Excelsior: The Movie

September 18th, 2016

You guys are in for a special treat, as the Krew gives you updates on what you favorite superhereos are doing in their respective world. What is going on with the uncanny avengers? Why was Aquaman and Superman fighting? What happened with Red Robin? All of your questions will be answered. We also talk about the newest issues of Batman that we thoroughly enjoy and drop some earth shattering news, Daniel Craig's offer to play James Bond again and the offer that nearly broke Rob. Stan Lee is going to make a movie? We talk about that as well as a live action Star Wars TV show that's coming your way. Has there been too much exposure for Star Wars? The Krew discuss this and wonder if they're are too many movies in that universe. Who like Jar Jar Binks?


Episode 26: Who is your favorite Villain?

September 12th, 2016

The Krew relieve the details of Kris' exploration of Baltimore Comic Con and discuss several updates that will sure to be a crowd pleaser, such as Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch and Super Mario Run making its debut. We also talk about DC huge announcement for this winter known as Justice Leauge vs. Suicide Squad. Are you excited for DC Rebirth's first event?!?! In addition, we talk about Batman Day on September 17th, updates on New York Comic Con in regards to signings that you should check out, a review of  Kevin Smith's show "Geeking Out," that has been great new comic lovers. All this, plus another top ten list, this time ranking the Krew's top ten villains!


Episode 25: The Amazing Tale of Rob’s Ripped Pants!

September 5th, 2016

Happy Labor Day to one and all, as the Krew celebrates like they always do! We discuss Action Comics, where we finally see the end result of Superman against Doomsday! In Extraordinary X-Men, we see Nightcrawler's decent into the darkness, showing him in a whole new light! DC Rebirth being a smash hit of the summer with over 12 million issues, as well as its movie universe exploding with Ben Affleck's twitter post of the potential appearance of DeathStroke as the new villain in the upcoming Batman movie! We also discuss what Thor has been doing during Civil War and and another possible Harry Potter Movie with Daniel Radcliffe reprising his role. Finally, we review Amazing Spider-Man 17 prelude to the Clone Conspiracy. Is this story arc the biggest for the year? All this plus Rob's hardship that is his favorite cargo pants being ripped!


Episode 24: In Memory of Bruce Banner

August 29th, 2016

This week the Krew has finally recovered from Boston Con and gives their review of the convention. In this week's segment of news and updates, the Krew let's you know all the new information about DC's movie universe and so much more. We find out the end of the Gotham storyline in Batman #5. In Civil War II: The Fallen being some real emotion, and lastly the Krew let's you know what book they're most excited for with Marvel's and DC's latest solicitations. Lastly, The Krew answers five hard hitting questions centering about the current DC comic world. Want to know these questions and answers? Press play and find out!


Episode 23: Shipping up to Boston!

August 15th, 2016

On this episode, the Krew pack their bags and books and to Boston Comic Con in a road trip episode unlike any other! While traveling, the Krew discuss and review the latest DC animated film The Killing Joke, and give their thoughts on Suicide Squad. All that and more on this week's adventure.


Episode 22: The Glory of Comic Events!

August 8th, 2016

This week, the Krew wraps up San Diego Comic Con and updates you on all the upcoming comics and TV show news coming out. The comic reviews are fantastic, each book the Krew reviews is at a high point of their respective events, so much action for comic readers. Also, before the Krew signs off, they discuss the importance of female villains, and whether or not they are as good or better than their male counterparts. 


Jersey Comic Krew Special #2: San Diego Comic Con!

July 31st, 2016

The biggest moment in history since Captain America punching Hitler is here, as our second special episode talks about this year's San Diego Comic Con! Rob and Kris goes into detail about the event and what they're most looking forward to, such as the trailers for Justice League, Wonder Woman, Kong Island and Dr. Strange. We then talk about our thoughts for the upcoming seasons of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. The Marvel TV universe has changed with the debuts of Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders coming to Netflix, and the Krew provides information for Civil War II and Nova, all this and how we're feeling about the upcoming Suicide Squad movie! So much news, so little time! 


Episode 21: Thrawn!

July 25th, 2016

Star Wars celebration for all! On this week's episode, our heroes discuss all of the big changes revealed during this year's Star Wars Celebration, such as Thrawn becoming canon! Also, solicitations are out for DC and Marvel, so we can relax on the no X-Men controversy. Plus, we talk about the newest Batman game by Telltale, arriving in less than a month. All this, plus news and updates, with a wrap up of what Rob and Kris think will be revealed during this year's San Diego Comic Con! 


Episode 20: Marvel Then and NOW

July 17th, 2016

As our heroes enter their 20th episode, they discuss the continue phenomenon that is Pokemon GO! What have our heroes done on their journeys? What kind of Pokemon have they caught? Only one way to find out! We also share all your comic news and updates, like what new Marvel NOW books that the Krew will get, and which ones are they most excited for? Find out now!