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Episode 44: Clark Kent is…

March 19th, 2017

We kick off the show with the Krew discussing proper etiquette when it comes to comic conventions, with a story involving Kris at Big Apple Con. A shocking announcement involving New York Comic Con is discussed, with possible ideas on how the situation can be fixed. Spider-Man had been foreever changed with issue 25 and Clone Conspiracy Omega. We finally discover who the fake Clark Kent is and the reason for his existence in Action Comics and Superman. Some major movie news hits the internet, and Guardians of The Galaxy will have a 3rd movie. Thoughts on The Matrix reciving a reboot as well as the Red Skull possibly making a return to the silver screen. Thanks to Secret Empire, there will be two one shots that'll be tied to that event; United and Uprising. Finally, we give a brief introduction to Iron Fist before we begin the Netflix binging.


Episode 43: A Breath of Fresh Air

March 14th, 2017

This week, Rob returns, and since he missed out on reviewing Logan last week, the Krew reviews it again but in Rob's perspective, as well as thoughts on the Deadpool skit that was recently released. Nintendo's latest creation, the Switch, has arrived, and we give you a first hand explanation on our views of the system, as well as a review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, a sure contender for game of the year. In addition, the Krew talks Thor Ragnarok and Justice Leauge, as well as reviewing this week's episode of The Flash and detemining the possible identity of Savitar. Want to know what else went down this week? Hit that play button!  


Episode 42: SNIKT!

March 5th, 2017

As Rob takes a one week hiatus due to some car trouble, our Movie guru Ed comes by to chat with the Jersey Comic Krew, slashing your way into a great Wolverine centric episode. We discuss the road to Secret Empire as Captain America's Hydra's plans are in full motion. What will be the fate of Deadpool in Uncanny Avengers #20? We answer that too. We then ZIP on over to the land of news and updates with a Black Bolt casting announcement, and a cew creative team for Old Man Logan. Finally, the big show bub, as Kris and Ed reviews a SPOILERIFIC Logan review, going over the top ten best Hugh Jackman moments as Wolverine. There are some laughs, in depth discussions, and of course some Adamantium claws in this week's episode!


Episode 41: Nightwing Incoming?

February 26th, 2017

On the 41st episode of the Jersey Comic Krew, the guys give you so much info that your head might possibly explode! Looks like we'll finally discover why Thor was unworthy for his hammer in the nest issue of Unworthy Thor. A rare Negan one shot comic will be released, discussing his origin. We then get into thoughts about a Nightwing movie being in the works, and debate whether its the right move to make. In Inhumans v X-Men, the conflict grows and we see the start of the climatic battle that is sure to ensure. Also, In Amazing Spider-Man, we find out what happened to Ben Riley and Doctor Octupus. The Flash had the start of the Gorilla Grod two part event and we ABSOLUTELY loved it! And we then go into Logan, giving our speculations and our excitment before it's released. 


Episode 40: Superhero TV vs. Social Issues

February 20th, 2017

The 40th episode of the Jersey Comic Krew is sure to be a delight! The Krew start off with comic news with Eddie Brock and his return to the venom symbiote, Peter Parker is getting a new ongoing comic series, The Guardians of the Galaxy are getting a new mini series, and everyone's favorite juiced up Batman villian Bane is getting his own run. Now to the darker news. Suicide Squad might have a new director which may only hurt the DCU more. Ben Affleck might not be Batman anymore?!?!  In Comics we just witness the ending of Clone Conspiracy which left us wanting more. The second part of the I Am Bane story arc in Batman left chills down their spines. Arrow's latest episode ties right into our topic from last week. Comic books discussing important social issues. This latest issue was all about gun control.  Very impactful episode and we have alot to discuss.  Enjoy the show!


Episode 39: Happy Anniversary!

February 12th, 2017

On this special episode of the Jersey Comic Krew, its the one year anniversary of the Krew teaming up and starting the podcast. My how they've grown. Right away we give you guys current comic reviews, with The Inhuman vs X-Men #4, as continue conflicts escalate. Civil War II: The Oath shows us a new side of Captain America. Darth Maul get his own mini-series, Thor is about to get a new hammer, and so much more! We then head into our news segment as the Krew reveal some pretty cool gaming news. Interesting things are happening in the World of Arrow, Flash, Gotham and the newest show Legion. Finally, we bring in some food for though, as the Krew talks about social implications in comic books. We hope you enjoy this episode. Its one full of laughs, knowledge, fighting, and yes, some tears.


Episode 38: Elementary My Dear Nerd

January 30th, 2017

Ground breaking news shake the Jersey Comic Krew, as Star Wars Episode VIII has an official title. Marvel is set to make a new game alongside Square Enix?!?! DC and Marvel release their April solicitations and bring in the highllights that you need. Also, Rob and Kris discuss their thoughts and issues on Gotham. In addition, the Krew also review the newest episode of The Flash, as well as finally reviewing season four of Sherlock, and boy what a season that was! Check in for all the latest info with your friends at the Jersey Comic Krew.  


Episode 37: A Series of Comic Events

January 23rd, 2017

The Krew meets up again to discuss much in the world of comics, movies, and tv, despite a sick Rob. We give our thoughs on the two newly released trailers for Power Rangers and Logan. In addition, A Series of Unfotunate Events hits Netflix, while Gotham and Agents of Shield return for your enjoyment. In the realm of comic books, the Spider-Man event, Clone Conspiracy, continues. Also, Batman and Catwoman finish their love affiar in Batman #15, and the DC event Justice Leauge V Suicide Squad is reaching its climax! All this and more in this week's episode. Be sure to check it out


Episode 36: Switch to a new way to game!

January 17th, 2017

We open up the episode with some quick news and updates, among them being the latest info involving the next Green Lantern movie. We give our thoughts on a new Scarlet Spider series coming soon, and The Rock having a discussion with DC. All-Star Batman #6 stars with a new arc, and another classic Batman villain. Inhumans V X-Men #2 sees the fight continue as the X-Men seemingly having everything planned out. Oh, and of course we didn't forget about Nintendo's press conference surrounding the Ninendo Switch. We discuss everything you need to know about the console, as well as the games that are being released along with it. Are you getting the Switch? What new games are you looking forward to the most?


Episode 35: 2017 Inbound!

January 9th, 2017

On this packed episode of the new year, the Krew pays tribute to the late great Carrie Fisher, honoring our fallen princess. We then get into a review of the latest video game adapted movie: Assassin's Creed. Did this movie break the video game movie curse? We then catch up with some good old fashion comics, as Civil War II finishes up, Batman 14 having some beautiful sentiments and Dark Knight II Issue 7 brings a groundbreaking event that you cannot miss. With the end of 2016, the Krew looks back at their favorite movies, comics, video games and TV shows throughout the year and gives you our top five most excited games, TV shows, movies, and comics of 2017! Enjoy everyone!