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Episode 61: The Defenders Have Arrived!

August 28th, 2017

The penultimate episode of this season's Game of Thrones aired last week, being arguably the best hour in HBO's history. We go over the significant scenes that took place and what they could possibly mean leading into the season finale. But we're not stopping there, as the Krew discuss the newest Netlfix series from Marvel, The Defenders. Rob and Kris gives their initial review of the series and how all the characters come together, covering the first four episodes. We also have plenty of news and update to address, including a Joker origin movie from Warner Brothers that isn't taking place in the DC Cinimatic Universe. Wanna know more? Press that play button! 


Episode 60: Marvel’s Comeback

August 21st, 2017

This week's episode starts off with another Game of Thrones review, covering episode five as we see the formation of a unique team to go beyond the wall in an attempt to capture a white walker. We then get into the world of comics with discussions on Captain America #25, Secret Empire #8, Defenders #4 and the two Marvel Generations Books. Is Marvel making a comeback with Secret Empire and Generations? Only one way to find out. Lastly, now that Marvel Defenders is now released on Netflix, Rob and Kris briefly go over what we hope to see in the show. What are we expecting? Tune in to find out! 


Episode 59: Hell Has No Fury Like A Dragon Scorned

August 14th, 2017

We know you love it so here it is! Another episode review for Game of Thrones, covering episode 4. Arya Stark joins the rest of the family. Oh, and I almost forgot.... WE SEE THE DRAGON MELTS AND ARMY!!! Some of you asked for an update on what's been happening with our favorite preacher, Jesse. The Saint killers, Cassidy having a son, and Tulip was married. So much going on in the life of our preacher. But, before we fly there, we have updates on the newest images of Domino and Cable for Deadpool 2, Disney planning their own streaming service, and The Dark Knight creator Frank Miller being sued. Tune in to see what all this means. 


Episode 58: Astonishing X-Men Starts with a Bang!

August 9th, 2017

Episode 58 is neck deep in reviews, starting off with episodes 2 and 3 in Game of Thrones and where we see things going heading into the next episode. We then get into the newest X-Men comic, the debuting Astonishing X-Men #1. Here, Rob and Kris go in depth, not only in terms of the issue, but the ending that may ripple into both X-Men Gold and Blue in the process. Afterwards, we have a plethora more to cover, from Spectacular Spider-Man #2, Batman, and Secret Empire issues 6 and 7. Its an episode you don't wanna miss, so hit that play button!